About Us

Aquaris Offshore Sdn. Bhd
wholly-owned Bumiputera Company registered with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia, is a well-resourced catering and support services company serving the regional Oil and Gas Industry. We strived for excellence and total customer satisfaction. We directly serve the end-users by offering our exceptional catering and support services.

We can deliver more food and support service capabilities than any of our competitors. As a result, we are trusted by more leading key companies in the offshore market to care for their employees' well-being than any other foodservice provider.

Our Mission

We are devoted to provide catering services to people working in the oil and gas facilities either at
    offshore or onshore locations.

To serve top quality food and catering services according to the need and cultural background of the
    client in each location. we shall attempt to ensure that quality food motivate quality work.

Our Objective

To provide professional catering services for the local and international oil and gas industry.

To provide complete satisfaction to our client is our ultimate objective which in turn will earn trust
    and help us to grow as a global catering company.

Our Vision

To be reputable caterer of choice by the local and international oil and gas companies.


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