Our Associated Services


We provides a one-stop solution for all your catering and associated service requirements. This means you can reduce your supplier complexity and focus on your core business. We take time to understand what you and your customers require and provide relevant solutions.

Housekeeping Services
Whilst our staff attend to serving your meals in the dining room, other staff will be cleaning your accommodations, vacuuming the carpets, changing your towels, and making your beds. Your morning starts off with a fresh coffee or juice delivered to your bed with a smile. Once you have consumed a hearty breakfast and are in pursuit of your day, the housekeeping staff is hard at work in your cabin. They give a fresh meaning to cleanliness and sanitization. Housekeeping, along with the rest of the staff will ensure to make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

Machine/hand wash, dry, iron and folding your clothes is made available anytime as requested.

Pest Control
A clean pest free environment is critical for the success of clients business. Our Pest Control Program is custom tailored to the special needs, no matter how challenging the problem. Our experienced technicians will monitor the problems closely and act in the most effective manner to ensure that your pest problem is quickly eradicated.